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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Lets Make Cents

My goal is to use this blog as a personal motivation tool to keep myself on financial track for now and for the future. It would be great if others find my comments and meanderings useful. I find it helpful to keep the links for other sites I visit frequently all together at this blog.

If you know of other great, related sites please include them in your comments. I like reading about personal finance and building wealth myself, but please take note that the information herein is largely for and derived from my own interest. You can take it as you please. It is not intended to sell you anything or persuade you to do anything. So have fun, and comment with your own personal finance tales!

Hello Blogger,

Hmmm...fancy that a search for ira withdrawals brought me to your blog. Hah! Maybe our stars are aligned tonight :)

May not be the exact infomation on ira withdrawals ...but am glad to have dropped by. Your post on Lets Make Cents makes an intersting read.
Blogger, keep up the nice work on the blogs. Cheers and all the best!!
Howdy Blogger, I was just net surfing for some info on wealth and noticed your blog site. Your Lets Make Cents sounded interesting although not relevant to my wealth search but I am glad see someone has some excellent points of view out there.
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