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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Jar heads

I used to spend all my change, I used to have to spend all my change because I had so little money. The old piggy bank is a great way to pay off your credit debt a little faster, or add a little to your IRA. Having trouble starting a savings fund? I cashed in my money jar last week to the tune of $68 and change, and the jar was only half full! That's plenty big enough of a sum to throw in to savings. Even if I just did that every couple of months I could accumulate a nice amount, or pay off a debt that much faster.

Bankrate has a great list of 22 ways to build an emergency fund, great easy ways to establish savings with very little effort--

I still think one of the best and easiest ways to 'pay yourself first' is to have an amount automatically deducted from your account each week to a savings account--what you don't see you don't spend. Think you much money you'd have if you followed all of these simple tips.

Hiya Blogger,
Didnt know searching on the net for ira rules would bring me here. But hey... reading your post "Jar heads" was entertaining.
While it may not be exactly related to ira rules, it was nevertheless a pleasure to have visited your blog. That's the beauty of the internet.. u just dont know what you will find at the next corner.
Blogger, its been great to visit your blog...do keep blogging and continue to make the web a more interesting place..cheers mate
Howdy Blogger, I was just net surfing for some info on wealth and noticed your blog site. Your Jar heads sounded interesting although not relevant to my wealth search but I am glad see someone has some excellent points of view out there.
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