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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Graduation gifts

It's graduation time, and I want to buy a gift for my niece's HS graduation. If I just give her cash now she'll probably spend it on trendy clothes, so I will probably give a card now and the actual gift when she leaves for college, because I'd like to gift her something she'll need but will appreciate not having to pay for.

Teenagers can be difficult to find gifts for. A few members of my family are pooling resources to buy her a laptop for college, which is a necessary tool for students to have these days. The only caveat is that you really need to know where your college-bound kid is going to end up, because some schools have particular computer hardware/software requirements for their students. Other schools even provide a computer for each student as part of the tuition fees.

One of my relatives is giving her a round-trip airline ticket home for the winter holidays--another great gift that can really help out a family trying to cope with college finances and the gift season, too.

Other gifts? I love phone cards and pre-paid cell phones. A secured credit card with a fixed amount could also be useful and a great teaching tool. For birthdays I've found U.S. savings bonds are a nice gift for my nieces and nephews of all ages for their post-college future. It gives them a little savings and I just send them a certificate printed off the web.

So what am I giving my niece? Probably a gift certificate to her college bookstore for her first semester. What did you get for your HS graduation? I just remember a couple of things- a leather jacket and towels, both of which were much appreciated and (I thought) useful for college. I've also got some helpful links below--

I just heard on the radio station that the top pick for high school and college graduates is a computer. Next in line is an I'pod(?)spelling), then a car, etc.

When I graduated I was on my way into the Navy so it was easy for people to buy my gift..lol..we should all be so easy!!
Try checking out the bookstores that are on campus at the college she is going to and get a gift certificate there, that way you know what it is going for(books or school spirit).
I got mainly money when I graduated. But the few actually gifts that i got was a pillow for my dorm, a homemade blanket,Thedr seuss book All The Places You Will Go. That one is a good one. Other things useful for my dorm life.

I also loved getting those random care pakages in the mail when i lived in the dorm.
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