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Saturday, May 21, 2005

10 Things Worth Buying

1. Consumer Reports magazine: buy and keep all year.
2. TIVO: if you watch tv, it's definitely worth it. It actually cuts down on my tv viewing time because I only watch the shows I want, when I want.
3. high speed internet access: for work, for blogging.
4. unlisted telephone number: I can't imagine it differently. I rarely get calls I don't want.
5. digital camera: much more versatile than our older cameras.
6. Costco or Sam's Club phone cards: the cheapest around. I cancelled my long distance phone service in favor of these.
7. a college education: you have to get the kids out of the house somehow... collegesavings.com
8. family memberships: you can save big bucks to the zoo, local art museum, etc, especially if you have kids. Great family gift too!
9. those big entertainment coupon books: The bigger the city, the bigger the value.
10. a computer: I could live without it, but I don't want to.

I would think the consumer report online would be a better use of money, since you can research stuff. just a thought
You're right Dawn! I'm on the computer at work pretty much all day though, plus I'm just a magazine addict, and actually prefer to relax with a pile of magazines sometimes rather than browse on-line.
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