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Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Cost of Understanding

Make Memorial Day more than just a picnic this weekend. It won't cost you a cent to give this holiday a little meaning. Celebrate the holiday and remind your family of the significance of the day. Discuss the history of Memorial Day and its relation to war in the news today and your own family history. Listen to a vet reminisce on their own experience. Ever been to the Veteran's Memorial or take your children to visit the Vietnam memorial Wall in DC? Maybe you have local memorial landmarks you've never taken the time to visit. Memorializing is sad, but it can be an uplifting experience, and all it will cost you is a little time-- after all, that's what the holiday is for. Have a great weekend!

The History Channel - Memorial Day
Roots Web - origins of the holiday
US Memorial Day.org
Vietnam Veteran's Memorial
NPS World War II Memorial

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