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Friday, May 20, 2005

Home Office Essentials

Most of us know that its much easier to stay on track financially if we're organized. I know that when all my 'tools' are in place I'm more inclined to want to sit down with my laptop and update my personal financial spreedsheet or budget, file any necessary papers, etc. Here are a few things that I consider essential to an adequate office environment:

1. Clean space with desk and a comfortable chair: My desk was secondhand, my like-new rolling office chair was a dumpster find.
2. Papershredder: I consider this absolutely essential for security reasons.
3. Computer: I could do this on paper (and have) but for me it's quicker on the pc. I have a take-home pc from my job.
4. Fire-safe file box: for copies of insurance papers, passport, I.D., birth certificate etc.
5. Safe deposit box: I don't have one yet! I need to keep the originals of my important documents, plus password lists and account numbers in here, and give a key to my brother. I did ask at my bank the other day, so at least I know they have them.
6. 2-drawer file cabinet: Not everyone needs this much room, and some people need more. Some people scan everything and keep it in computer files instead. I got a cheap one on sale at Target and put it together myself.
7. On-line internet access: High speed DSL is necessary to me because I also do some work from home. I also like being able to check my current accounts at any time. Paid for by my employer.

Now if I could just get motivated enough to actually file all the papers sitting on my desk...

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