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Monday, May 30, 2005

Reading is good

So I spent Saturday morning watching the new Star Wars flick, Episode III, 'light-years' ahead of episodes I, II in terms of story, dialogue and acting. Then on to my favorite bookstore for a few hours with some herb tea ($1.39) and a stack of books and magazines. I ending up buying 1 book, a fantasy paperback The Isle of Battle (The Swans' War, Book 2) by Sean Russell ($7.99). I read the 1st of the trilogy last night and loved it, I'll probably by #3 used on-line. I also read Millionaire Women Next Door by Thomas Stanley.

In Millionaire Women Next Door Stanley focuses on many of the same elements of wealth building as his first two books. Frugality, or living below your means with an emphasis on entrepreneurship are as relevant in this new book. The differences lie in both the degree of frugality Stanley’s respondents laid claim to, and the identification of priorities. The female respondents, for instance, placed much more of a priority on philanthropy, giving more of both money and time to charitable clauses, then men.

Yes, I have read all of the books recommended in my blog's sidebar. Some of them may be simplistic, some a little outdated, but I think they all have a lot of good, pertinent information in them. A couple I would recommend for those at a loss as to what to do with budgeting: I'd start with The Richest Man in Babylon or one of David Bach's books, or maybe Personal Finance for Dummies. No, I don't own all of the books, but I do own some of them. I have access to a large university library and I read some there, some at the bookstore. Some that I own such as The Millionaire Next Door I have read several times. I find it both interesting and motivating.Do you have another book you like? Let me know what your favorite personal finance book is so we can check it out.

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