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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Where Gas is Cheap

In "A Web path to cheapest gas" CNN reports today on AAA's new Fuel Price Finder. While I found a lot of other gas price finders on the web, this one uses actual credit card purchase records to track real prices, instead of the input from volunteers. This service is open to AAA members, but if you do a lot of traveling by car, AAA can be a great deal. My parents, who make a lot of long distance trips in their retirement, have found AAA to be invaluable.

If you aren't a AAA member, the Inside Line has a great little forum for you to report local gas prices.

Ever wonder why gas is so cheap in some areas and expensive in others? It's the gas tax. Gas in my area right now is hovering around $1.90-$1.96. On the West coast, my friends are still paying more than $2/gallon. There is a great chart here on the range of state motor fuel excise tax rates in the U.S. Taxes go to transportation: roads and higway projects, environmental standards, and other related projects. Remember that the next time you consider your vote on improvement projects. Lowest: Georgia. Highest: Wisconsin (variable); New York.

Also, Nick Jans wrote an interesting editorial on how much of our federal gas taxes, regardless of which state you are in, goes to Alaska.

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