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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Buy a Pet

Are you ready for a pet? First, you need think about all of the issues concerning having a pet in your household. Too many parents act on impulse and give a pet for Easter (bunnies are extremely popular), or a puppy for Christmas, etc. You need to make sure your child is ready for a pet. It's not fair to the animal or child when you give the child a responsibility they are not ready for.

Pets are wonderful. They provide fun and companionship. Studies show that pet owners generally lead longer and healthier lives. Pets can be a wonderful additon to the family, providing children with a sense of disclipline and responsibility. Pets are also a lot of work, some more than others.

Do your research
The implications of having a pet: there is a plethora of information online concerning pets. If you are considering adding a pet to your family, do your research. The life of a living animal is not to be taken lightly. Too many people are emanored of the idea of pets as gifts. "Selecting safe pets" is very important, especially if you have children. Some diseases such as salmonella can actually be transferred directly from a pet to a human being. You need to know what to be aware of, what to watch out for, and what to do if your pet becomes sick. When you are choosing a pet, be aware that not all pets are appropriate for children, and not all animals are appropriate as pets!

The cost of a pet is probably a lot higher than you think. Besides food and shelter, you must make sure your pet gets appropriate care, medical attention and checkups, just like humans. This is for your health and safety as well as theirs. This doesn't mean that pets are too expensive for the frugal or low income. I think the benefits of having a pet by far outweigh the costs. The Dollarstretcher library has a lot of good information for pet owners on a budget, as does an article from BankRate on lowering pet costs.

Where to find a pet
I love Petfinder. It is a great resource for finding all kinds of pets, whereever you live. Talk to a vet about choosing a pet for your family, and you will likely be told the best family dog is a mixed breed, widely available at animal shelters. Petfinder has a great Pet search to use to find your pet.

So if you're ready for a pet, start your research and have fun!

$400 per month -- yikes!!!!! I knew pets were expensive, but that's a lot of money!
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