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Monday, June 13, 2005

Cutting drug costs

Great article by Andrea Rock of Money Magazine today with tips on how to cut the high costs of buying drugs. I can relate. My HMO has a prescription drug program for $20/drug, but I learned to my surprise a couple of weeks ago that not all drugs are covered. Although I normally shop at a local drug store because the service is so spectacular (extremely helpful pharmacists, free local delivery), I now planning on buying non-covered drugs at Sam's Club(which is much like Costco). Drugs, including over the counter stuff like allergy relief medicines, are upt to 75% less than in other stores.

The articles tip's include: Going generic, buying substitutes, comparison shop, ask your doctor (get samples, etc.) Here's how much you can save-

"Substitute an older but equally effective drug: 75%
Buy generic drugs instead of name brands: 70%
Split higher dosage medication in half: 50%"


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