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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Do you have rich friends?

In "Old friends: One rich, one not" Jeanne Sahadi explores the depths of envy and friendship. While Sahadi focuses primarily on the first post college years, most of us have come across this issue at one time or another. Differences tend to break friendships apart. I believe its not the earnings that makes the differences, its the spending. If a friend wants to party all night, shop all day, and go on luxury vacations, you can keep up with your friend Ms. Jones or find a new friend more on track with your goals and habits.

Robert JA Basilio had another take on rich friends in this Manila Times commentary last summer, "That’s what rich friends are for."

Here's an excerpt from an old posting from londonmark worth mentioning because its so funny:

"Envying your neighbour's possessions makes for very awkward dinner parties. Complimenting the size and make of their home entertainment system once is fine. Twice is acceptable. Three times and they might start to think you are an electronics salesman wanting to flog them an upgrade. Any more times than this, and they will consider doubling their home contents insurance and/or notifying the local police as to the whereabouts of a potential kleptomaniac: you. Ways of avoiding this faux pas are numerous:
- Don't ever accept dinner invitations
- Go to dinner blindfolded
- Sneak into people's houses before dinner parties and strip their place of valuables
- Go to dinner handcuffed
- Go to dinner gagged"

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