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Monday, June 13, 2005

financial info author Ric Edelman

I just discovered Ric Edelman has a web site. Edelman is the author of several well-known finance books, including The Truth About Money(I highly recommend it for a good overall view of personal finance) and Ordinary People, Extraordinary wealth, among other works.

Edelman's web site is pretty informative, with links to information on most of the big life changing money events in our lives, such as weddings, health, kids, savings, taxes, retirement etc. It's great to see a finance pro give out free advice online. Other experts seem to use the internet as a big order blank, you need to pay or register for any information. That's why sites like Bank Rate and MSN Money are so popular- they're free.

I don't blame self promoting financial pros like Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey for trying to make money on their sites, that's why they are in business, after all.They do have some helpful information, it just seems to me that more would greatly enhance the 'stickiness' of their sites, providing more incentive for people to stay around and pay for additional services. JLP is a financial planner who does a good job of this, at All Things Financial. A good web site is itself self promoting. Would you go to Orman's blog on a daily basis, knowing it hasn't been updated in weeks, or JLP's, which has new info every day?

Edelman has a tv segment for PF stories too, so see the excerpt from his web site if you're interested in being part of a human interest personal finance story- Wanna be on TV?

heh cool blog you have here!

I noticed you have a nice blog, read all of your links kept me interested for a good time! well done :)

Thanks for a good read instead of some of the other stuff people post here!
Do you think you'll bring this blog back up? I discovered it only recently, and like what I've read!
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