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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Free internet telephony

A friend of mine asked me about Skype the other day at work, his teenage son uses it and he wanted to know what the deal was. I went to the company site and saw that Skype downloads surpassed 100 million on Friday. Skype is a free telephony service you can use to call people who also have skype on their computers or their phones. You can use expanded services to call people with regular land-lines or no Skype service, too. This will cost you about 2 cents/minute, which is less than I pay with my cheap calling cards.

SkypeIn is a new premium services still in beta testing. It will cost you- you have to subscribe, for around $30/month. However, with it you get your own telephone number so your Skype-less friends can call you, plus their new voice mail package. you can get your own, regular phone number. So if your friends who aren’t using Skype want to call you by dialing a regular number, you can still receive the call in Skype.

Looks like a pretty good deal, especially if you are already on-line frequently.

I would like to know how the quality is and what speed is used when using it.. thanks
Dawn, the kid seems to like Skype, and said voice quality is really good, at least as good and often better then his cell phone. He didn't mention speed. They have a web site but I see didn't see anything on speed. They have a community forum there if you want to ask.

I haven't signed up for it myself, I use the phone rarely outside of work, it just looks like a good money savings deal to me, except you can't use it for emergency network (911) calls.

Could esp. be useful for teenagers I think!

I am not part of their affilliate program.
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