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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Life savings: stop smoking

In "Quit Smoking, Get Rich" the Motley Fool examines the personal price of smoking. Consider the actual costs of tobacco products to the consumer,

"Multiply $4.50 by 365 days, and you're looking at an annual cost of $1,642... If you invested $1,642 in the market each year for 30 years, you'd end up with more than $250,000." (10%).

BankRate's article takes the case against even further, citing the very real health costs of smoking, at $75 billion per year in medical costs.

Hilary Smith of MSN Money pointed out costs that may be easier for consumers to immediately relate to in regards to insurance and other more personal costs.
"Smokers pay more for insurance and lose money on the resale value of their cars and homes. They spend extra on dry cleaning and teeth cleaning. Long term, they earn less and receive less in pension and Social Security benefits. And now, being a smoker can not only mean you don't get hired -- you can get fired, too."
And may I suggest that smoking may lend a less than desirable pungency to your breath, your clothes, your house, your car...I live in a non-smoking apartment complex (as stated in the lease) but my upstairs neighbor lights up daily and our building reeks. I can tell when she lights up because I wake up sneezing.

Make friends, save money, save your life. These articles also point to plenty of places where you can get help if you're thinking of trying to stop smoking.

The Surgeon General has an extremely informative site of facts and resources for anyone who smokes or wants to stop.

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