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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Small goals, big picture

Seth has a great article over on Seth Godin's Blog called "Small is the new big" that shows a great perspective on goals and other aspects of business and life.

In business, Seth points to comparisons between such entities as Amercan Airlines vs. Jet Blue, Boing, Boing vs. the New Yorker, etc. Smaller companies aim for success by filling a particular niche, their end goal is success, not world domination, and in the end they can be successful- in a very big way.

Thinking small, point out Seth, keeps you in closer relationships to consumers, and puts you in a position to respond more readily both to complaint issues and service expansion.

Think small in your own world of personal finance. I know, I know. Your broker tells you to think big, your books on entrepreneurship tell you to think big. Consider instead your financial scenario as one of many steps, or goals. Over on the MSN money boards there's a thread going on, "the first $10,000 is the hardest." Many of the thread followers are so far past that mark that they are pointing to the first $100,000 as the hardest instead. Thinking small doesn't negate the bigger picture, its just a way of getting to the bigger picture.

Sometimes, the best way to achieve your goals is not necessarily slowly, but methodically.

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