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Sunday, June 05, 2005

When buying a home...

ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is stupid. I was watching a rerun of TLC’s Moving up show, in which a woman named Rebecca was buying a house. The real horror of the woman’s ordeal was not simply erasing all traces of the “hobbitesque” decoration, nor was it the dead squirrels in the ceiling, the termites, the maggots in the light fixture, the electrical that wasn’t up to code, the mice in the house, the rats under the floors…

No, the nightmare was that the buyer, who was studying to be a financial planner, took the advice of her realtor to buy the house without an inspection and to sign the contract quickly with no contingencies. The realtor was an idiot. The buyer was an idiot (not to be judgemental or anything.) Of course, the seller hadn’t mentioned any of the problems to the buyer. Look, I’m not the world’s real estate expert, but you can check out books from the library on real estate, or fork over a few bucks for Tyson and Brown’s Home Buying for Dummies.

There is a TON of free information on the web, just search it.

Do you really need a home inspection?
HUD site for homebuyers.
Find a real estate agent.

As the seller said, “the smell of dead animal kinda takes the fun out of it, you know?”

Makes you think about some of those "experts" out there who give out financial advice, doesn't it? Just because someone has a degree or calls themself a financial planner, doesn't mean they know what they're doing.
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